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statue of liberty

Our Mission

Grounded by our Christian faith & empowered by the U.S. Constitution

Our mission is to uphold the U.S. Constitution as originally written, especially when it faces assault.


When we uphold our Constitution, we stand up for the protection of our rights and freedoms. Honoring our Constitution isn't just about our individual freedoms and rights, it is our rulebook for how everyone can respect each other while abiding by the same expectations under the Rule of Law.


What does upholding this mission look like in action?

This may be done through petitioning our representatives or legislators through peaceful protest, campaigning for conservative individuals, and by continuing to expand our understanding of the Constitution together.


We are the watchmen/women to sound the alarm when our Constitutional freedoms and rights are under attack!

Stand For The Constitution Bylaws


Are you concerned about the direction our country is going? Do you wish you could do something but are unsure what to do? We meet weekly and do the ground work that builds culture to impact our local communities. You can join any of our action committees and make a difference for hot button issues that mean most to you.

Meet The SFTC Board

Nova Tucker1.jpg

Nova Tucker



Jacqueline Anderson
Vice President

Communications Committee

Tom Keenan.jpg

Tom Keenan
Past President

Events Committee &

Education Committee

SFTC Logo FINAL - white background.png


Nominations are open for a SFTC Treasurer for the remainder of 2022. A person with knowledge of QuickBooks and experience with bookkeeping is desired. Please email if you have been a SFTC member for 1 year, have the desired skills & experience, and are interested in serving in this role.

Jen Schumann2.jpg

Jen Schumann

Communications Committee

Cory Anderson.jpg

Cory Anderson
Member At Large

Election Integrity Committee

Wendi Wood.jpg

Pastor Wendi Wood
Member A
t Large

Prayer Committee

Ruth Kinnett.webp

Ruth Kinnett
Past Secretary
Advisory Committee Chair

Events Committee

Advisory Committee

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